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3 reasons why I’m learning to love the shit out of my itty bitty boobies.

May 26, 2017 3 min read

“Boobies, boobies, boobies” squeals River as he watches me get out of my pjs this morning.

“All gone,” he adds casually.

Yep mate, you speaketh the truth - they are indeed all gone.

And I know you’re sad about it little guy, and so am I.

But instead of crying over the lack o' milk let Mama tell you why it's all good in the bitty boobie hood.

 1. I can rock a tiny bralette like it is nobody’s bizness!

Honestly – underwire can get fuuuucked. Ain’t no need for that shit these days. My post breast-feeding boobies look totally great (and quite fassssshun haha) in my super cute Bonds bralette, which I might add is THE COMFIEST form of underwear ever.

Okay that’s a lie…. The Ah-bra is the world’s comfiest form of underwear (and I totally own 3, I got the multi bargain pack of course, and I totally wear them all the time – but for the purpose of this story let’s imagine I wear super cute Bonds bralets all the time, k k cool).

So maybe that’s what we need to imagine – we don’t so much have boobs anymore we have booblettes, the smaller, cuter, comfier version of boobs. And that in my books ladies, is a big fat win.

Bralette post breastfeeding boobs | Eskimo Nell

{Spoiler Alert: This is obviously not me haha but this is how fasssshun I feel with my teeny weeny bralette on}

2. It's all relative, right?

If I don’t love my boobs now,after one baby, I am 100% going to fucking kick myself about it after baby #3 when I’m having to take care not to accidentally tuck them into my trackpants when I get dressed in the morning.

I mean it’s all relative right. Okaaaaay so my boobs do not look as fabulous and full and perky as they did before River quite literally sucked the life out of them. But at the same time my pre-River boobs didn’t look as incredible as my 13-year-old-holy-moly-where-did-they-come-from-and-how-are-they-defying-gravity-like-that-boobs anyway.

In five years’ time, after breastfeeding, nourishing, comforting, feeding another couple of babies (that’s the dream anyway), I will look back on these little ankle socks 1/3 full of jelly and think – hey they were actually pretty cute. So I may as well transport that wisdom from the future and get amongst it now and love the shit out of my itty bitty boobies.

before and after breastfeeding | Eskimo Nell

{Left: Okay so maybe I totally overestimated how much boob I had to begin with hahaha (16 wks pregnant) and Right: There they were in all their glory - RIP milky boobs}

3. They bloody well deserve it.

And of course this is where I get all soppy on you bissshes. Loving your post breast-feeding boobies is like paying them the respect they (and you, because really they are you, you know?!) deserve. They have quite literally spent months being totally and utterly harassed; sucked, bitten, pinched, Chinese burned and nippled-crippled, survived blocked ducts, mastitis and those tiny blisters on your nipple that holy shitballs is a pain worse than childbirth.

And all in the completely selfless act of making and dispensing life and love-giving milk to the tiny human you just brought into this world. We should be bowing down to these bad boys, not hating on them. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. Okay that really doesn’t work in this context but who cares.

Marnie breastfeeding | Eskimo Nell

 {Breastfeeding River was one of the most incredible parts of my motherhood journey, incredible bonding, incredible watching my body nourish him, incredible boobies}

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