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5 Reasons why the MAN-bun is the new MUM-bun!

July 21, 2017 3 min read

Forget the bloody Mum-Bun - 2017's best Mama hairdo is hands down the Hipster Undercut MAN-bun combo.

Eskimo Nell's Marnie explains why.....


 1) It’s cheap as chips

Not that the cheapest haircut is always the best haircut (hello #JustCutsGate2011) but basically all you need is a willing shearer – and believe me, husbands/partners are disturbingly keen to take to their female’s head with clippers – and like a spare 20 minutes.

Chuck in maybe two visits to a real hairdresser per year, just to keep the upper echelons in check, and that’s you all set.

As a lady who’s partial to a bit of ceremony, I often even pour myself a glass of overpriced Chardonnay and pop on some Café del Mar just to set the scene.

man bun hairdresser | Eskimo Nell 

{Doesn't it look fun and relaxing! Note the tongue of concentration on the right. Not seen: my fancy glass of wine}


 2) It makes you feel like a badass (even when deep down you know you just ain’t anymore)

I’m the first to admit that becoming a mum brought out the, (let’s be honest, already very strong) proclivity towards hobo attire in me. There I was, trackies, slippers, Kmart maternity singlet, drab brown hair somewhat resembling an unkempt lob.

The minute I took the hipster man bun and made it my look – I was instantly kinda badass.

I was still wearing trackies, still sporting 3 day dry shampooed locks – but it looked like I meant it! Like I was owning my style – this was when I coined hobo chic.

hipster man bun badass | Eskimo Nell

 {There's a little bit of badass in us all aye Mamas!}


3) It’s versatile AF

So of course there are times when it’s not 100% appropriate to look like Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire (my total hairspo), but that’s the beauty of the undercut man-bun!

A fresh wash (always key) and blow-wave and girrrrrl you are as prim and proper as they come, totes wedding appropes even – nobody would even guess the sordid underbelly of your haircut.

Not to mention the plethora of crazy up-dos that are available – including my favourite, the Scary Spice, or just the good old piggie tail option.

man bun blog versatile | Eskimo Nell

 {From fun and frivolous to down right sophisticated haha}


4) Less hair for your baby’s grip of death to get hold of

One can never imagine the strength of a tiny baby’s vice-like grip until they innocently curl their chubby fingers around the little hairs at the nape of your neck and then most likely not on purpose (but you never know) flail their arm in the opposite direction taking with it a not insignificant clump of hair, which obviously elicits a blood-curdling squeal, which in turn frightens said child (who is more than likely attached to your boob) who then startles and chomps down on nipple!! WHY OH WHY!!??

Okay so maybe that was just me – but holy shitballs was it ever the final push that made me say to my hairdresser- "So yes, this time I’ll get an undercut please.... Yes, that’s right, an underrrr cut, like shaved on the bottom – but with hair still on top. You know, like hipster kinda try-hard guys have. Perfect".

hipster man bun blog | Eskimo Nell

 {Okay so this has nothing to do with babies pulling hair but... you're welcome}


 5) Pink is all about it – and she is the coolest human/mama bear in the world

Now, I’m going to be bold here and say that Pink can rock short hair/funky hairstyles like nobody else on Earth. But that’s not to say we shouldn’t take a leaf out of her book and give ZERO f*&ks and try a far-out hairdo that hey, may not be as flattering (and certainly not as safe) as your tried and true style but hell to the yes will make you feel like you are doing something slightly risqué in the midst of the soggy nappies and nap time struggles. Always a win. Be more like Pink.


hipster man bun Pink | Eskimo Nell {Could she be any more AWESOOOOOOME!?!?!}


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