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How to go from Hobo to Hobo Chic in 3 easy steps!

May 11, 2017 3 min read

Follow these tried & tested steps to looking vaguely presentable while still wearing trackpants & let's be honest - no bra. Hobo Chic, it's where style and comfort meet.

Step 1: Schelp some bright/bold lippy on

Marnie from Eskimo Nell with red lippy on

Now I am hella not saying to put a full face of Kardashian on, because realistically ain’t noboy got time for that shit and b) this is all about looking cool with as close to zero effort as possible.

I am quite the fan of the olde ‘only lippy’ makeup Mantra. Apparently it’s what French women do and basically they are the coolest babes on Earth.

It also conveniently only takes two seconds – which is the amount of time my baby will let me look in the mirror for before needing me to… start the next episode of Peppa Pig/get him some water/decipher what he wants to eat using only pleeeeese and stabbing hand gestures in the direction of the fridge.

Colour-wise I’m mixing it up these day – a little bit of tangeriney orange, a bit of candy pink and not to mention old faithful red - MAC Russian Red & Lady danger were the faves until I realised they weren’t cruelty free booo – so I now wear Karen Murrell True Love and it is the business.


Step 2: Wear shoes

Low hanging fuit – I know babes, but seriously – my usual hobo attire consists of wooly slippers. I don’t even care whose they are, my husband’s, my mum’s – if they’re in proximity to my feet I will put them on. No word of a lie it got to the point this summer where the feet were getting so steamy I realised I needed to find a replacement and I legit googled “summer version of slippers”. Turns out they’re called jandals hahahaha.

Anyway I digress from my super informative & high fashwan advice-givery.

Basically if you want to look like less of a hobo then leave the slips at home and chuck on some real shoes – preferably some funky and slightly clean sneakers (ixnay on the visible sockay for maximum non-hoboness).


Step 3: Accessorise darrrrrlings

It never ceases to amaze how the addition of ONE accessory can make it look like you’ve actually made the conscious decision to wear a tracksuit as an actual bonafide public place worthy outfit.

And really that’s the trick gals – if you have managed to pull the woolies over the eyes of those normal clothes wearing people and convinced them that your hobo trackies - that realistically reside at the foot of your bed to be put on every morning and only taken off before bed – is an actual put-together outfit then you have officially achieved hobo chic.

Speaking of pulling the woolies – get amongst some sweet beanies – they are the cornerstone of the hobo chic life. Not only are they fucking warm and cozy but they hide all manner of ‘haven’t washed my hair since I can’t remember’ sins – double win. I am totally digging the classic pompom topped beanie at the moment but am also quite partial to the more pared-down burglar style. And for the final cherry on the top, a quick pair of jazzy earrings or thin chain necklace and you are good to go. Hobo Chic for the win!

OR you could just get an ESKIMO NELL tank/tee/jumper and look fucking rad all the time!

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