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Meet Libby-Jean & Holly - babes, besties & babies!

May 19, 2017 4 min read

Libby-Jean Holly Milk Drinks Zero Winks | Eskimo Nell

Libby-Jean & Holly are serious bestfriend goals! Not only have they been friends since forever, now they are starting their families together & doing it in style to boot!! 

Keep reading to find out more about this babe'n duo...


Tell us about your relationship with Holly:

Holly and I have known each other since we were 5 years old, we attended the same primary school. Even though we went on to attend different intermediates and high schools Holz and I always stayed connected and were a part of each others lives in some way or another. In more recent years we have become extra close, we have never left each others sides. I can always ALWAYS count on Holly to be there through anything and we have the BEST times together. Our friendship is very natural, fun, loving and trusting.  She is like a sister to me.

How has being a Mum brought you closer together?

Holly got pregnant last year and she now has her beautiful little girl, and my god-daughter, Nova. Nova has brought so much fulfilment to my life, she is such a special little girl and I have absolutely LOVED seeing her grow. Holly is such a BOSS of a mum, it is ridiculous, the way she handles/tackles motherhood.  It is truly inspirational and if I am half the mum she is, I will kill it! When I told Holly I was pregnant I have never seen someone so happy for me. She has been there from day one, she has the greatest advice and we now hold this next level bond, being mummas together.

What has she taught you the most about Motherhood?

If I think of one significant thing Holly has taught me most about motherhood it is to be try and relaxed from the get go. She handles motherhood with such grace, she is so calm, she is so patient, and with this all said, it has truly reflected on little Nova and the way she is. She is the most relaxed baby, who sleeps amazingly, who eats well and who hardly EVER cries. Nova is the definition of a dream baby because of her dream mumma.

What is the favourite thing about watching her be or become a Mum?

Seeing her absolutely kill it, Holly is a true natural and has inspired me to know and trust that I can also do it. She has given me so much strength. Holly and her little family are GOALS. Seeing her so happy and content with her world is honestly the best and I love being part of her journey.

What is your best piece of Mothering advice?

To know that pregnancy is a blessing and to surround yourself with a strong support system, this has been a biggie for me! You are going to receive so much advice and so many different opinions, yet I have learnt to trust in what I believe, to only take advice I believe and my go to answer if am not feeling a piece of advice is always "thank you for your advice, I will take it into consideration..." haha! We cannot wait to meet our little man in July, he has brought so much happiness to our lives already. As much as we wanted to plan our lives and do life the 'right' way, life had this incredible way of surprising us with a baby and I seriously would not have it any other way!

Holly & Libby-Jean Milky Drinks Zero Winks | Eskimo Nell



Tell us about your relationship with LJ:

LJ and I started our very first day of school together about 18 years ago! We were inseparable at primary school. We then moved on to different intermediates and stayed in contact but we weren't as close as we were. The years through high school we were in and out of contact and some years we were closer than others. Once high school was done we got our friendship back and it has only grown stronger since then! LJ had a feeling I was pregnant before we had announced it and she was right! I then asked her to be the godmother to my daughter and on that very day she told me she was going to be a mama too! My heart was full. It was always a dream of mine to have a baby at the same time as a close friend and that dream came true!!!!!!

How has motherhood/pregnancy brought you closer together?

I think both of us being young mums has brought us closer together and we are in the same stage of life! It has brought our friendship to a whole other level because we share something that we don't have with many other friends. We understand each other on another level because hey not everyone can talk 'mum' stuff 24/7 like we can!!!!

What are you most excited for LJ about becoming a Mum?

I think the most exciting thing for LJ becoming a mum is having a connection with and a love for another being that is something you have never experienced before. It's not like loving a family member or a partner. There are no words to explain it but I can't wait for her to feel that feeling! And also I'm excited for her to absolute nail this whole mum thing cause I know she is gonna smash it!!!

What are you looking forward to the most for when you both have bubbas?

Having a best friend with babies that are only 6 months means we are going to experience things around he same time as we watch our bubbas grow up! I'm excited to learn and grow from each other and teach each other different aspects of motherhood. I'm excited to share the most incredible journey with her and watch our bubbas be BEST FRIENDS!

Libby-Jean and Holly Milky Drinks Zero Winks | Eskimo Nell


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