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Meet Ash & Marnie - Learner Lady Boss Mamas

May 20, 2017 5 min read

Ash and Marnie | Eskimo Nell

We basically met on a Tinder mum date & immediately bonded over our love of wine & our lack of sleep. We have been riding the rollercoaster of mamahood together ever since. 

To find out more about us, our business & how much we love each other, keep reading...


Soooo, how did you meet?

A mutual friend had the fantastic idea that because both of us had almost lost the plot with babies that didn't sleep and because we both love wine that we may need to have a mama blind date. Ash got in touch - I cruised up to her house one morning - walked in and felt at home that second.

How has being a Mum brought you closer together?

Being able to text someone at 2am things like "whyyyy issss myyyy baaaaby doooing thissss to meeeee" really cements a friendship haha! We shared SO many of the same really crappy experiences with our bubbas it was honestly such a relief to talk to someone who knew exactly what I was going through and I could finally have a laugh about all the crazy shit. Then since starting this bloody awesome biz we have both navigated becoming mamapreneurs together - so lots more crappy times! Jokes! But definitely we've shared some super high highs and super tough times together.

What has she taught you about motherhood?

Wellll when I met Ash I was having a bit of an existential mama crisis where I had totally thought of myself as being his super zen earth hippy mum and realizing that that was so fucking not me! Anyway I was sort of grieving that idea and then I met Ash and I saw in her the real me! The sassy Mama bear who loves her babies to bits but can take the piss, not sweat the small stuff, swear a little (or a lot) and have a glass of wine and a yarn. I finally felt it was OKAY to be me!

What's your fave thing about watching her being a Mum?

Ash is a mama to a 13 year old, 3 and a half year old and a 1 year old (I know, wtf yo!!?) and it constantly blows my mind seeing her interact with each of her kids on their level! She's like a mama ninja/yoda mix - I'm in awe.

What's your best piece of mothering advice?

NEVER SAY NEVER and NEVER judge another mama you don't know! Gawd! I had the MOST ridiculous expectations of myself as a mum - and totally (and shamefully) admit to judging the shit out of other frazzled parents letting their kids watch iPads out at dinner! Now that is 100% me shoving Peppa pig into Rivs face so I (and the other poor bastards at the restaurant) can get two seconds peace! At then end of the day we are all just trying to do our best and get through the day.



Sooo, how did you two meet?

I had met Marnie at a mutual friend’s wedding (when she had just found out she was pregnant with River), we had a great yarn (our specialty) & I immediately started girl crushing on her. Fast forward to River being in the big wide world & that same mutual friend decided we should hang out & share horror stories about our babies who were right little dicks in the sleeping department. So, I reached out to Marnie on FB Messenger (all class over here guys!) - I guess you could call it a mama Tinder date. Marns popped over one day with blueberry muffins & it was like finding my long lost sister after 30 years .  We have been attached at the hip ever since. 

How has being a Mum brought you closer together?

Meeting Marnie was a breath of fresh air for me. Her amazing self-confidence & zero fucks approach to so many areas of her life has allowed me to let go of many a demon & she has (probably without knowing it) helped me to stop giving a fuck what anyone thinks & helped me embrace the fact that it is OK to just be ME & to love who I am. She is loving but honest & doesn’t mince her words which often I need. Our business grew naturally out of our love of being Mums, navigating the rocky road of holding onto yourself throughout that journey & being a voice of reason for other mums out there who may be struggling just as we did.  As part of that Marnie & I have had many a raw & real conversation & that complete openness between us has brought us so much closer.  Being able to be who I am & express myself without fear of judgement or worry that she will pack up & leave is one of the best parts of our friendship & our business.  Being able to have an awkward, confronting conversation & still have a big hug at the end of it is a huge, huge win for me & not something I can do with many other people.  

What has she taught you about motherhood?

Marnie has taught me that you can basically do anything with one hand.  She literally runs our business with River sleeping on her & I totally bow down to how she just gets shit done, without any excuses.  She has taught me that being a Mum doesn’t have to be perfect – that I can admit life is shit sometimes & that I can laugh at my parenting fails & celebrate my parenting wins without caring what anyone else thinks of me.

What's your fave thing about watching her being a Mum?

One of my fav things about watching Marnie be a mum is how much happiness & contentment River brings her. Marnie is such an amazing, natural hands on Mum.  She lets River explore his world & lets him be a little boy without monitoring his every move, which I find super admirable for a first time Mama. But, I think my most favourite thing to watch is how much she loves him.  Not a day goes by where she doesn’t let River sleep on her – despite the mess, despite the fact she hasn’t had lunch & despite the fact she has shit to do.  I absolutely admire that about her & it is a parenting trait that I really wish I possessed.

What's your best piece of mothering advice?

Don’t be so hard on yourself & surround yourself with likeminded Mamas.  The latter has absolutely saved my soul.  Mums are SO hard on themselves, and I am guilty of it too, but at the end of the day being a parent is really, really hard.  As long as you love your kids & you have their best intentions at heart then you can never go wrong.


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