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Meet Bets: Our fave Badass Baking Bossbabe

October 20, 2017 3 min read

We like to think of it as a modern online romance; Bets being all hilarious and gorgeous on her SnapChat, us totally stalking her and finally plucking up the courage to message her and see if she would rep one of our tees haha ..... and whaddaya know - it was a match made in heaven!

For those of you who been livin' under a big ole rock - Bets is THE woman behind Magnolia Kitchen (@magnoliakitchen).She is a woman of many hats including super talented h'oh shiiiit are you for real cake maker and decorator, cafe owner, Mama of THREE, lipstick connoisseur oh and TOTAL social media star. She might fly under the radar of the mainstream 'instamum' gang but this babe has 177 THOUSAND followers on Instagram and a crazy following on Snapchat who tune in to see her real AF stories about ladyboss life and watch her create her 'art installation that tastes delish fo real' cakes.... 

But enough from us... here's some great chats from the woman herself!


How did Magnolia Kitchen start?

I guess the seed was planted 15 years ago
When I was a very young 20 year old my daughter (fondly known by most in relation to Magnolia Kitchen as "Daughter Charlotte") turned 1 and I made the decision to create a bad ass birthday cake that all the other mums would be like "whoa that is a bad ass birthday cake" 
The cake was NOT bad ass and I am sure none of the mums thought it was bad ass either but thats not the point, that was the starting point for my sweet skills. This continued every year, my daughter and I would go to the Navy Library and get out the Womens Weekly cake book and she would choose a cake and I would make it.
Fast forward to 2011 when a work colleague was ordering a cake online for his boyfriend and I decided I could do better and offered to make it for him for $20. After this success it was clear I needed to make a business out of these cakes and so Magnolia Kitchen was born, I started with cakes for friends and family and did my first market the Kumeu Christmas Market  in 2011 selling my range of fudges.

What's been your biggest Learner LadyBoss Lesson to date?

Find a point of difference and make it something people NEED in their life. Keep working hard because being a boss bitch doesnt come easy.
Never back down, it can be tiring and rewarding but the highs ALWAYS outweigh the lows. 
My time is worth every cent
Bets at Magnolia Kitchen cafe

{Bets lookin flyyyyy and just casually posing in her Silverdale Cafe full of drool-worthy treaties}

How the f$ck did you get so Insta-famous?

Im really pretty

Honestly: organically and by accident

What's best & worst thing about sharing your life on social media?

Best: Social media has really truly given me the platform to grow my business to what it is, it has also introduced me to some incredible friends and epic bitches like yourselves

Worst: The social world we live in can be a hateful one where sad little trolls get a voice but they are a small percentage and its easy to take it personally

How have you figured out the whole mumlife/bossbabe balance?

l havent yo - when you firgure it out let me know!

Honestly though I married a really good man and he is an incredible dad and supportive husband

Whats your favourite sweet treat in the world?


Would you rather:  Never be allowed another coffee again in your life OR never be allowed wine again?

Damn you guys.... um coffee for reals


What's your most famous Magnolia Kitchen product?

The fucken Unicorn probably (insert face palm emoji)

Magnolia Kitchen cakes

{I told y'all - f*cking amazing!}


If you could only say one swear word for the rest of your life, what would it be?




Give us the secrets on the best lippy brand/colour!

RED always RED

My most fav red EVER is Natio Rush although I am quiet partial to Mellow Cosmetics Budapest for a bit of something different 



Magnolia Kitchen Eskimo Nell Collab tees

The MK Addict is available for presale NOW!! Follow this link and you can shop the tees aaaaand some of Bets' tasty treats

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