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Meet Megan & Liz - Mighty Mama & Daughter Duo

May 18, 2017 3 min read

Girl Gang Megan Liz and family | Eskimo Nell

Megan & Liz are a Mama / Daughter combo, with a love that clearly runs very deep.  After a few difficult years that unconditional love finally brought them back together & they have been working as a team ever since with a common interest of raising Megan's little boy, Heath.  

Read on to hear about how wee Heath brought these two back together & made them stronger than ever... (and some amazing pics of the adorable 90 year old twinnies, who totally whipped our ass at bowls!)


Sooo, how did you guys meet?

We have weathered many storms, but love always conquers.

How has being a Mum brought you closer together?

We share a common interest in raising and supporting a little man who, has turned out to be a well rounded awesome boy. Now that Meg’s is a Mum, she now understands my role in being a mother to her and what it is like to have a child who is an extension of herself.

What has she taught you most about Motherhood?

A mothers love is unconditional, we fight for our children and we never give up no matter what.  Not every mother parents the same but we all want the best for our children.

What is the favourite thing about watching her be or become a Mum?

Spending quality time together gives me the opportunity to get to know her as a Mother and a woman.  There are certain elements of Heath’s life that Megan is willing to put time, effort and commitment into to make sure they are the best they can be.

What is the best piece of Mothering advice?

Kids are like sponges, you yourself demonstrate what you desire of them….. everything they hear you say or do is the basis of their morals and beliefs.  Successful mothers are not that ones who have never struggled. They are the ones who never give up, despite the struggles.  

Twins Grandmas Girl Gang | Eskimo Nell


Sooo, how did you guys meet? 

I left home at 16 and didn't really have anything to do with Mum again till I found out I was pregant with my son. After telling her, I moved in with my Nana (Mum's Mum) who had recently lost her husband and was finding it hard being alone for the first time. I stayed with her getting to know her better for 7 months before moving back in with my Mum until I went into labour.

How has being a Mum brought you closer together?

If it wasn't for me being pregnant and becoming a Mum I would still most likely not have any contact with my Mum or my Nana.

What has she taught you the most about Motherhood?

Motherhood had been the test of all times for both my Mum and I. We have both been solo mothers, which is never easy, but having someone else there for you that you can trust is such a relief, knowing you have a helpful & loving hand guiding you through it.

What is the favourite thing about watching her be or become a Mum?

Watching my Mother becoming a Grandmother and loving her Grandson as much as my Grandparents loved (and still love) me, was really hard initially. I felt as though she was taking my son from me, haha. But after much thought and many nights with Mum (and wine) chatting about how it made me feel reminded me that she probably felt the same with her parents and my relationship with them. Now I wouldn't take him off her for the world. They're two peas in a pod and I know how important grandparents are to grandchildren because I was one also. And I loved it.

What is your best piece of Mothering advice?

Make peace with your demons, hold your head high, love your family because you only have one. And most of all... make time for those who love you.

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