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Badass Mama Long Sleeve Striped Tee

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Sometimes you’ve gotta wear it like a badge, a coat of arms, a call to action.

YES this is ME.

I am badass, I am fearless, I am calm.

Even when you feel absolutely motherfucking none of the above. 

When you’re eyeball deep in anxiety, when you’re yelly and irrational and can’t seem to enjoy anything for more than half a second before the monkey mind pipes up with everything that you’ve EVER worried about.

When you feel like you spend your days going zombie-like from feeding, to changing, to clothing, to no-no-no not the fucking bark eating again, to sleeping (or lack-thereof).

 It is still in there. Our bad-assery. Waiting for us to reclaim it, even if it’s just for a tiny moment of chucking on earrings and lippie for kindy drop-off, or standing up for ourselves when our coffee is lukewarm.



Crew neck
Mid weight, 160 GSM
100% combed cotton

*This is a Unisex fit and slightly longer.... If you have any questions about sizing please do not hesitate to email me on


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