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Girl Gang Tank

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*New stock arriving in early Feb babes so if you can't find the size you're looking for pop your name in the box above to be the first in the loop!

There's nothing more important than the support of your GIRL GANG!

They're your Ride or Die bishes who bring you extra strong coffees (and a sweetie treat of course) when you've been up all night, they don't care that you've forgotten to put on deodorant for at least a week and will totally take your 1,000 mile an hour kid off you for an arvo, not to mention share a well-deserved glass of wine with you on a Friday night - (even if it is virtually via Skype) while your children are glued to Episode 1,999,999 of Peppa Pig.

**Designed by the incredibly talented Annita Kennedy aka @mummydraws**

Annita has three daughters and says that when they're all together it feels like a little Girl Gang. "Learning and teaching me and themselves new things every day."

*Please check the size chart as the tank is UNISEX sizing so runs on the large size while the tee is a women's style so runs true to size*

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