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Fuck the Funk Collab Women's Tee

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You babes know the Funk right, it's that gnawing sense of groundhog day holy shit is this my life now-ness. It's the hundreds of little moments, like tiny pebbles that get stuck in our shoes or trip us up over and over again every single day... so that by the end of the week we're feeling like life is simultaneously really fucking overwhelming and really fucking underwhelming.
So what do we do witg that Funk?? Well I say we flip it the bird and tell it to FUCK RIGHT OFF!
Life is too short to be unhappy, to let the monkey mind run wild and colour our life with negativity, anxiety and blah-ness.

Fucking the Funk isn’t about never getting bored with the daily grind, it isn’t about never being angry or frustrated or tired or feeling lonely or overwhelmed or like you wanna scream at the top of your lungs and then run to the nearest wine bar and down a bottle of Pinot Gris and the entire snack menu (nope - just me? )

It’s about feeling allllll those feels - knowing that there are SO many others out there feeling them too - and then chucking on your fave tune, having a boogie and mooooving that funk on *bye felicia*
Beyond stoked to collaborate with the INCREDIBLE Amy from Confetti Rebels who brought this design to life.
*This is a women's fit tee and is true to size. If you have any questions please check the sizes chart or email me on as I cannot guarantee being able to swap sizes


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