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The Story

It's been a long (okay so not thaaaat long) and windy road to the Ms Marnie of today - here's the wee story about the start of this biz.

It all started one fateful night, over a bottle of red – it was one of those “where have you been all my life” moments often reserved for cheesy romance movies.

Two mamas, who both understood the importance of sisterhood, the value of a village (even if our village was only two people) & the miracle of a mama friend dropping round with the world's best blueberry chia muffin.

I had designed a t-shirt (the original Queen tank) for all my Mama friends to celebrate surviving the first year of motherhood and after a few glasses of wine my gal and I were like "we should totally start an online store and sell these bad boys".

{Below - actual depiction of decision making tactics at the time}

We even had a mantra:

This is more than a just another tee shirt brand. It is our contribution to the amazing global mamahood and Girl Power movement!

It is a beacon of light in between soggy nappies, saggy boobies and sleepless nights.

Most importantly, Ms Marnie is a reminder that we are all badass gals who can shine as bright as we like.

And for the next year we just flew by the seat of our pants and whaddaya know the message of Ms Marnie really resonated with women all over the world.
The last year has been the hardest, craziest, most roller-coastery of my life but each and every day I chat to babes like you and think YASSS QUEENS LESSSSS DO THIS! 


Ms Marnie was my "fashion brand" name all through high-school when I used to spend every weekend sewing my next crazy creation to wear out to parties, school balls or lets face it just down to the supermarket.


So babes, thanks for coming along on the journey hehe it's one hell of a ride 

xx Marnz