Badass Babes Brigade | Loyalty Programme Eskimo Nell

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The Badass Babes Brigade is a Loyalty Programme and my way of showing my appreciation for each and every time you support my little biz baby. When you join the programme you'll instantly start earning points every time you buy a Ms Marnie goodie or share the love with your friends. You can then redeem these points for Gift Vouchers to use at the store.

And the best part is, just by signing up you'll get 500 points which is already a $5 voucher yeowww!


Earning Points

You'll earn points for the following -

  • Get 500 points when you create an account
  • Get 1000 points when you refer a friend through the Rewards Program tab and that friend makes a purchase. (Bonus - your friend gets free shipping on their order!)
  • Get 250 points when you write a (hopefully glowing) product review.
  • Get 500 points when you sign up to my snazzy newsletter

Oh and with every $1 you spend at you'll earn 5 points!


Redeeming Points

To redeem your coupons, simply login to your account -

  • $5 coupon for 500 points
  • $10 coupon for 1000 points
  • $15 coupon for 1500 points
  • $20 coupon for 2000 points

Now take the following steps -

  1. Add your products to your shopping cart
  2. Once in your shopping cart, click on the rewards button.
  3. Click Spend Points and follow the steps.